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Global Champions

Our Global Champions are elected members from each class who remind us of our responsibilities towards the planet, including caring for the environment and being a good neighbour to those in need, wherever they may live.

Our Global Champions are working to promote The Global Goals for Sustainable Development as identified by the United Nations. These Goals were adopted by world leaders in 2015 as targets to be achieved by 2030 and set out our collective aims to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.

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Our Global Champions have made lots of changes, including:

  • Launched our commitment to working towards the Global Goals, which are now displayed and discussed in all classrooms.
  • Encouraged our teachers and classmates to refer to these goals in lessons so that we can all get a better understanding of them – a big and ongoing task! 
  • Thought carefully about which goals we can have a real impact on. We have made some real changes in relation to Global Goal 13: Climate Action. We now have paper/plastic/card bins in each classroom along with designated wet paper towel bins. Plus, each class has a chance to be part of the Compost Crew, where we work to ensure all our fruit and veg waste from breaktimes goes into producing our own compost. 
  • Worked with Nola Ellen (from My Bright Kite) as part of the Hearts and Hopes project to produce informative videos and made friendship bracelets that were taken out to children living in the Vial Refugee Camp in Greece in line with Global Goal 16: Peace and Justice.
  • Worked alongside PAFRAS to make their waiting room a more welcoming place and encouraged the school community to support their work. 
  • Set up links with schools in other parts of the world to help us better understand how we can work together in line with Global Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals. In 2018-19, Year 1 had a link with a School in Jaipur, India and Year 3 children were regularly emailing friends in Kampala, Uganda.

Watch this space, as we're always looking for ways to play our part in acheiving the Global Goals.